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Pakistan International Airline PIA is the largest Airline of Pakistan. PIA contains a fleet of 30 aircrafts which travel around the globe. The central hub of PIA is located in the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi. PIA hub is in Jinnah International Airport. PIA deals with domestic and International Airports. The domestic cities are 14 whereas, International destinations are 24. PIA has provided its services to EUROPE, ASIA, NORTH AMERICA and added more flights to the Middle East. PIA has three classes to deal with. It has facilities with its services in three levels:
Economy Class, Business Class and Executive Economy. All the fares vary according to seats, destinations and passengers.
PIA is an International airline that facilitates the citizens of Pakistan as the national flag carrier. It is operating under the control of Secretary to the Government of Pakistan for Aviation PIA is the largest competing and contemporary airline against Airblue Airlines, Saudi Airlines and Etihad Airways. HMN Holidays is always working in the front desk to entertain its clients when it comes to traveling in domestic as well as International flights.

PIA Deals and Discounts

HMN Travels offers the discount on domestic and international flights of PIA. HMN Holidays books for Economy Class to Business Class with exclusive packages. We offer inbound to outbound bookings. You can simply call on these numbers 051-5172517, 0335-9747032 to book your seats today.

PIA deals and Discount is offering various packages and flight deals to make passenger’s journeys easier.

Facts about PIA: FAQs

Q1. How many PIA baggage are Allowed?

• There are extra points for trade certificates. Baggage Allowance in PIA Airline depends on travel route and travel class. If you exceed the baggage

you have to pay extra money for extra baggage. The extra money depends how much extra baggages you

want to carry and how much weight it contains

PIA Baggage Allowance?

Baggage Allowance                                  Class of Travel Free Baggage                                         Allowance Number of Pieces

Economy                                                                   20 KG                                                                                        1

Executive Economy                                                25 KG                                                                                         1

Business                                                                   30 KG                                                                                         1

Q2. Does PIA require Covid test?

Fully vaccinated:

No PCR prior to arrival. No PCR on arrival. No quarantine after arrival.

Q3: Does PIA give food?

Yes, PIA offers special services and meal requests, and you can choose the same from

predefined dropdown menus on the passenger information page.

Q4. Can a 16 year old travel alone in PIA?

Pakistan International Airlines Children Flying Alone Policy.  Alone children aged 15 and under are not permitted to travel alone and be permitted to board the

plane as Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) does provide an escort service or special requirements for unaccompanied children.

Q5. Can you bring 2 carry-on bags?

In Economy class, the passenger can bring one carry and some personal items. If the passenger wants to bring two luggages one must fit underneath the seat. Other one can fit in the overhead bin of the plane.

If you are the passenger of the Business Class or Executive Class you can bring more than one carry or additional carry.

Q6. Which things are not allowed in Pakistan airports?

Ammunition, propellant powder, gunpowder. Blasting caps.

Devices designed to stun or immobilize, including:

● Devices for shocking, such as stun guns (e.g. tasers) and stun batons.

● Animal stunners.

● Chemicals, gasses and sprays such as mace, pepper spray or capsicum spray, tear gas, acid sprays and animal repellent sprays.

Q7. Do PIA planes have WIFI?

ISLAMABAD: PIA has decided to give the facility of Internet, WIFI to its valuable passengers. To make their journey more convenient and entertaining. PIA is working on it and will provide the facility of WIFI soon.

Q8. What is no meal fare in flight?

If no meal option is selected, Indian Non-Vegetarian meals will be served.

Q9. How much kg Can you take on PIA?

Only 1 piece of hand carry allowed weighing 7kgs. No liquids/Gels/Perfumes/Creams allowed in your hand carry, otherwise security will confiscate these items.



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