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A garden in Desert???

“All about Dubai Miracle Garden”

A garden in Desert like Dubai? It’s a queer question that comes to mind but when we think it’s in Dubai where any impossible imagination comes true in front of our eyes.

Dubai Miracle Garden in the heart of the desert, is a captivating floral paradise. It’s not less than a magic to see 150 million flowers in radiant full bloom which shows a dreamlike world of vibrant, oversized flower structures, arches, and even a life-sized Airbus A380 adorned with blossoms. The mixture of colors creates an enchanting atmosphere that turns a simple visit into a surreal, jaw-dropping experience. Beyond being a mere garden, it’s a journey that feels like stepping into a vivid dream. 

It is situated across 72000 meters adjacent to the captivating Arabian Ranches, Dubai Miracle Garden boasts over 100 million blossoms nourished using recycled wastewater via drip irrigation. These flowers are meticulously crafted into captivating displays, blending natural beauty with human skill and dedication. It was inaugurated on Valentine’s Day back in 2013 and swiftly emerged as a distinctive and vibrant attraction in Dubai. A single visit proves insufficient as the floral arrangements undergo seasonal transformations, promising a fresh and unique experience annually.

Whether you love flowers or seek a captivating experience, the Dubai Miracle Garden stands as a must-visit destination. Round up your friends, bring your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!


29 September 2023 – 30 April 2024

Weekdays: 9 AM to 9 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 9 AM to 11 PM

Duration of visit

Address: Al Barsha South 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Address: Al Barsha South 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

From Dubai

If you plan to visit via public transportation, you can access Dubai Miracle Garden’s location via train and bus! Just hop on the Dubai Metro to the Mall of Emirates – Red Line, then take RTA Bus Route 105 to the Garden.

From Abu- Dhabi

To reach Miracle Garden from Abu Dhabi, you can hop on the Dubai RTA Bus E101 at the Central Bus Station in Abu Dhabi, which will take you to Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Stop. From there, a taxi can conveniently transport you to the garden. Alternatively, if you prefer driving, cab services are easily accessible for a direct journey from Abu Dhabi to Miracle Garden.

How to get tickets for the Dubai Miracle Garden?

Enhance your experience at Dubai Miracle Garden by securing your tickets online. By doing so, you can bypass lengthy queues, ensuring a hassle-free entrance to the garden and allowing you to enjoy your visit without any delays.

Best time to Visit

Dubai Miracle Garden welcomes its visitors exclusively from November to March, aligning with the UAE’s winter season to avoid the discomfort of high temperatures that prevails throughout the year. It is recommended to plan your visit during the latter half of this period which will allow you a more pleasant experience in the milder sunlight. Similarly, Witness the enchanting illuminated installations during sunset. Weekday visits are recommended to escape the weekend crowds.

What to wear during visit

Your outfit decides your comfort level during the whole visit.

  • Wear comfortable lightweight outfits
  • Carry Sunglasses and of course don’t forget to wear sunblock to avoid sunlight
  • Prefer comfortable pair of shoes like sneakers/flats rather than heels  
  • Bring umbrellas, cap/hat to save yourself from direct sun-light
Top attraction in Dubai Miracle Garden

Following are the list of never missing attractions there:

3D Floral Design

The Dubai Miracle Garden showcases stunning 3D floral sculptures, characterized by their statuesque presence and intricate detailing. The team’s talent shines through the structural designs, vibrant colors, and meticulous attention to each character. Everyday objects are transformed into unique floral masterpieces, ranging from colossal flower-crafted mushrooms to life-sized ants boasting flowery thoraxes. The garden’s enchanting display includes rose-covered swans and cars, encouraging visitors to unleash their imagination in a world of floral creativity.

Floral Clock

Don’t forget to see the captivating Floral Clock at Dubai Miracle Garden which is crafted entirely from flowers which is truly mesmerizing. It features a captivating 15-meter floral clock crafted from real plants and flowers. Every year its designs change with the seasons, reflecting the dynamic nature of time, daylight, and weather. The clock’s mechanical components were imported from the US, and the innovative design was conceived by Miracle Garden Landscaping, our in-house experts in landscaping.

SunFlower Field

Sunflowers, living up to their name, have a reflective affection for the sun, even turning themselves towards it in their youth.

Unsurprisingly, they exhibit their peak beauty on beaming, sunny days, with their yellow petals elegantly absorbing and reflecting light. The visual spectacle intensifies when beholding a field crowded with thousands of these sun-kissed blooms. Interestingly, a sunflower isn’t merely a singular flower but a congregation of thousands of smaller ones. This explains the pleasantly fuzzy sensation at the center – a solid reminder of countless miniature flowers gracing your fingertips.

The Emirates Airbus A380

Dubai Miracle garden collaborated with Emirates Airline to build the world’s largest floral installation -a life-size version of the Emirates A380. Petunia, sunflower, marigold, geranium, and more contribute to the creation of the Guinness World Records holder. During its peak blooming season, this life-size replica boasts nearly 5 million flowers.

Teddy Bear

The Dubai Miracle Garden’s eleventh season features a prominent attraction—a large Teddy Bear adorned with vibrant flowers. Grasping a heart, this colossal bear serves as a captivating symbol, promoting messages of love and harmony throughout the renowned was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013, the Dubai Miracle Garden frequently combines heart-themed displays, adding to its charming attraction.

Floating Lady

 In midair, the Floating Lady gracefully extends her arms, carefree, with flowing hair reaching toward the ground. Her captivating dress steals the spotlight, adorned with red and white petunias flowing from her prominent position, creating an otherworldly display as if summoned by an ancient, mystical force. Beyond her, the points of the Floral Castle stand in the distance, stimulating and examining whether this grand castle was once home.

Smurfs Village

Who doesn’t know Smurfs is famous? Discover the latest enchanting addition to the Miracle Garden – Smurf Village. Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of these small, blue creatures as you wander through their mushroom-like houses. Explore their charming houses, marvel at the adorable furniture, and capture delightful family photos amidst the vibrant flora and fauna that paint the landscape.

Heart Tunnel

The Hearts Tunnel, a longstanding feature since the garden’s inception, showcases a dozen heart structures adorned with myriad flowers, forming a pretty walkway in Dubai Miracle Garden. This beloved attraction summarizes the essence of romance through its intertwining themes of hearts and flowers. Couples delight in capturing moments within this heart-framed setting, often celebrating their visit through selfies and videos. Beyond its symbolic shapes, the passage’s large hearts are adorned with vibrant, countless petals, mirroring the rich tapestry of the entire flower garden. The visual display of these flowers create a permanent impression that stays forever with its visitors.

The Floral Houses and Bungalows

The Dubai Miracle Garden boasts a captivating array of Floral Houses and Bungalows since 2014. Each structure, distinguished by its distinct shape, size, color, and theme, contributes to the garden’s allure. Filled with the millions of flowers, these charming homes create a fairyland ambiance, resonating with vibrant designs and delightful fragrances. Whether arranged in rows or standing alone along pathways, these structures showcase Dubai’s expertise in innovative housing architectures. 

The Burj Khalifa

Constructed in 2014, a botanical rendition of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, continues to captivate visitors with its impressive floral design, drawing them back year after year.

Hill Top

Descending from a captivating pathway, visitors reach the lower expanse of the garden, treated to a pleasing display of vibrant flowers adorning the ascending landscape. The enchanting scene is complemented by a selection of coffee shops and an ice cream bar on-site, offering a delightful pause for rejuvenation before further exploration.


Hence, the visit to Miracle Garden in Dubai is truly an unforgettable experience as vibrant blooms and intricate floral designs created a mesmerizing scene. The amazing landscaping and diverse flower varieties showcased the beauty of nature, making it a memorable and uplifting experience for its visitors.

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