A place of Thrill & Amusement

Dubai is always considered to be an impressive, luxurious and popular holiday destination for the tourists from all over the world. The UAE’s city is known for its cultural diversity, magnificent deserts, modern architecture, world-class shopping malls, best resorts, global cuisines and numerous recreational spots that offers thrilling experiences from record-breaking

Atlantis Aquaventure Water theme park

Dubai is a hub of water sports because of its Caribbean sunshine and scorching hot weather it always draws the attention of its tourists, where they test their nerves and courage while taking exciting rides and playing water games, so if you are a water baby then Aquaventure water park Dubai gives you both water and adventure at a single place and a praiseworthy place to visit. Are you ready?

It’s a middle east largest park that offers more than hundred rides and slides (for all age groups to make their visit a life time experience) aquarium The Lost Chamber Aquarium, relaxing beaches and even eateries.

Sneak peek from history

The city’s waterpark, Atlantis Aquaventure, derived its name from a fictional island that was a home to the Atlantis civilization. According to historians, a race of attractive and well-known people named Atlantis lived on this mysterious island. Unfortunately, they were defeated by an eviler race of people known by the name of Titans. The Titans shattered and later constructed this once great civilization before being overthrown themselves by a race of people called as Olympians. The remains of this once great civilization now form one of the world’s eminent man-made structures: The Great Pyramid at Giza.

Location of Theme Park

The Aquaventure Waterpark is a part of the famous Atlantis the Palm, one of the major highlights and iconic entertainment in Dubai.  It is being placed on 114 acres of the Palm island, including a 42-acre water park, which is situated on Palm Jumeirah alongside the Atlantis Hotel.

How to reach there???

Diera city Centre metro station 2 to Atlantis Aquaventure park approximately takes 40 -45 minutes that costs AED 29 – AED 40.

On the other hand, car drives take 27 minutes to reach there.

Never missing thrills and spills at Aquaventure theme park

Inside this superb water world, numerous splashing adventures are waiting to experience.

Facts to know

 Before heading towards rides a question that comes in mind that how water comes for breaking -recording rides?

Aquaventure is capable of using 790,000 liters of water per minute to create waves and surges. This is specifically important to note that in a desert like Dubai fresh water is being extracted from the sea in an elaborate process and to kept it safe from germs and bacteria, chemical named calcium hypochlorite a carbon based inorganic chlorine product is being used for rides and slides

So guys its completely safe to plunge into water.

 Here’s a list of most attractive rides and slides at park

The Leap of faith

Those who crave for adventure that is something that will cater your thrill.it is honestly Not for faint-hearted ones. It’s a 98 feet long waterslide with a terrifying speed of 60 km per hour in 3 second and takes you straight down vertically and plunged into a clear tube surrounded by sharks, it all moves too fast to see them.

Shark Attack

It’s another popular slide that gives you under aquarium experiences that begins through a dark tunnel and ends with the glass made tunnel with a view of sharks, rays and numerous fish,

Poseidon’s Revenge

This ride is considered to be scariest ride of the theme park; it has designed as Tower of Neptune’s leap of faith. It’s a body slide that falls at the speed of 37mph.It begins as you climb into glass capsules and floor suddenly fall at a speed of 60 km/h before being pushed upside down in the capsule.


It’s a 25-metre high and 156-metre giant 6 seater tube that develops a sense of sensation from super fall to vertical zoom, it creates a sense of weightlessness for a short second at the peak of its 14m high vertical wall. It’s a fun loving ride with the friends and family.


Aquaconda is a moderate thrill ride best for family and friends, its largest tube (25-meter-tall) water slide that go through a dark serpent tunnel with surprising twists and turns.


It’s a water slide that offers a race between a group of people or friends to decided who finishes its turn first, after a bunch of twists and eventually it ends in the belly of aquaconda. 

Odyssey of Terror

Odyssey of Terror is among one of the high thrill group rides that has two tornado waves at up to 50 Kilometer Per Hour which generates a sense of weightlessness before free falling down a curved wall.


It’s a moderate thrill group ride and known as a largest family water coaster in the world that brings you through a series of dark tunnels with a touch of terror and shock.


Another popular and most recommended ride in Aquaventure called “Vortex” which gives you back to back turns, twisters and curve drops for endless thrill before you dive into large pool.

Medusa’s Liar

This turquois colored ride’s design is inspired by a fantasy character medusa’s (long &curvy) snake shaped hair. This tube ride is named as world’s longest water coaster slide in which riders experience deep dark tunnels /caves, steep slops and much more.

Must haves before going on rides…!

Don’t forget to wear flip-flops

Must apply sun block

Check height and age of kids before going on rides

Avoid selfie sticks

Use go pro (otherwise live the moment and enjoy it) 

Splashers Kids Play Area

Besides rides and slides in aquaventure, Splashers kids play area is an ideal location that give little ones (who are not more than 1.20 meters tall) a splashing experience along with mini water slides, water jets and huge tipping bucket and much more.

Aquaventure Beach

If you are overwhelmed with the never ending water slides and rides then take a view of beach waves, sun and sand at aquaventure beach shore.

The lost chambers Aquarium

It is located inside Dubai’s famous hotel Atlantis at palm jameirah. It has been designed on the basis of lost city of Atlantis. It’s an 11 million liters’ aquarium and hub of 65,000 aquatic creatures including sharks, sea horses, rays and much more. You can witness courageous divers feeding shark and other marine species while scuba diving.