The Land of Fire

In more than a decade Azerbaijan has become an emerging tourist destination. The country is considered to be most fascinating, welcoming, safest and pocket friendly above all. This land of fire is blessed with natural resources and specifically “oil” that makes this country Richie rich. This place is actually a blend of different cultures and has an influence from all over the region as it is located between the border of Asia and Europe.

Azerbaijani is normally spoken in country, as it is their official language. however Russian is somewhat common. Only a few majority of youngsters speak English, that’s why sometimes communication barrier exists there.

Once you enter Azerbaijan, it gives you an experience of both old and modern vibes, however, there is a lot to explore here from cultural point of view.

Best time to Visit Azerbaijan

The question comes in mind when to visit Azerbaijan to take a full scoop of whole country?

April to June

According to locals, it is a best time to visit in spring time of the year to see the real beauty of Azerbaijan. Summers should be avoided as weather becomes harsh. However, if you are a mountain person then July is a best time for hiking in these mountains.

Similarly, if you want to enjoy Nowruz Bay Rami Celebration then March is a best time to visit.

September and October

October is usually considered most comfortable and balmy time of the year to explore the all colors of nature.

When to visit to get the best deals

Well, it’s really up to you that which time of the year, you chose to visit there, but if your concern is to save money, then November to February is more cost friendly. It’s a bit cooler and rainier span but luckily due to Caspian Sea, winters are milder, away from mountains. As few people visit at this time of the year, so it helps to save cost in terms of hotel prices.

Explore Baku

Baku is a capital and main city of Azerbaijan which is situated along the Caspian Sea. The city is a combination of both old walled city and modern architecture. Majority tourists visit this place and add more of their days in Baku itinerary. You can find cultural and modern cuisines, fine dining, intriguing museums and much more.

If you are planning to visit this exotic land,

Here’s a list of things to-do:

Top things to-do and see in Baku-Azerbaijan:

  • Explore the ancient walled city of Baku including Maiden tower at Icherisheher (Old city).
  • Adore the mesmerizing architect of Bibi-Heybat mosque.
  • Experience the messy and muddy landscape of Mud Volcanoes at Gobuston National park.
  • Admire the modern architectural piece of art at Hayder Aliyev Center.
  • Rejuvenate yourself on golden sand at Caspian Sea.
  • Enjoy the view of flame inspired building structure known as Flame Tower.
  • Learn all about carpet history at Azerbaijan Carpet museum.
  • Discover the history of Azerbaijan at the Palace of Shirvanshahs.
  • Learn all about Zoroastrianism at Ateshgah Fire Temple.
  • Discover the beauty of wildlife at Absheron National Park.
  • Eat, sip and socialize at Nizami street.

Visit Lahij

It is located in Ismaili district of Azerbaijan and its distance from Baku is about 185-90 km which is approximately a 3-hour drive. It’s a mesmerizing cobble stone street village with a stellar views of the valley, it is also known as a village of Artisans. The main attraction of this land stone houses, carpet weaving &copper handcrafts, that tourists love and take it as souvenir.

Trip to sheki

Sheki is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its exceptional history and architecture. It is situated on the southern part of the Greater Caucasus Mountain range, which is almost 240 km from Baku and located between Tbilisi and Baku.

The Sheki’s khan palace is a most attractive place there.

  • The Silk Road Caravanserai,
  • Three Saints Church
  • Sheki Museum of Folk and Applied Arts
  • Sheki’s Old town

Sheki is famous for textile museums, antiques at the marketplace, craft workshops and much more.

Tips to go before visiting Azerbaijan

  • Always prefer walking tour, specially if you are in Baku then get familiar with the city by foot.
  • Always avoid political discussion in the country, as it may lead to argument with the locals and result in severe penalties.
  • Try local food, as mostly is halal due to Muslim country.
  • Always get a travel insurance.
  • Enjoy Free spaces like parks and hiking trails.

Have a Safe Journey…!!!