Are you flying for the first time on Plane?

Are you scarred of asking questions from the friends who are travelling by air frequently?

Are you feeling anxiety of jet-travelling?

Don’t worry this blog will give you easy and interesting information regarding all your travel queries and even fears…!

 Flying experience with friends, family or even solo is somehow exciting yet stressful. But, once you are on a plane, everything gets smooth and relaxed.

Here are some of the useful tips for the first time flyers:

Check and Read about Airline Luggage restrictions 

It’s a valuable tip for the first time flyers to always read the luggage restrictions of an airline you have booked for your travel. Be sure about the airline bag size and weight limitations. In this way, you can avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Be on time at Airport

Travelling in the sky is actually exciting. The best thing to keep you calmer is preparation. Normally, a person’s anxiety starts with worrying about missing the flights, therefore always keep in mind the timings. It’s a General rule for all flyers to reach Airport:

  • 2 hours early for Domestic flights
  • 3 hours early for International flights

It will help you to go through the airport processes and security easily.

Keep All Travel documents & Passport

ID card, Passport and required visa are an essential documents and the absence of any of them can put you in trouble. So keep checking your travel documents before and during your trip.

Take a screen shot of your ticket

It is always a good idea to keep a screen shot of your ticket, in case you are unable to load your email because sometimes Wi-Fi connection at airport can be fussy. So, always Be prepared …!

Pay Attention to Announcements

It is necessary to pay attention to the flight announcements. Usually, the exact time of boarding would be on your ticket, but in case of delay flight, it may change.

Takeout Boarding pass

After listening an announcement, it’s a time to takeout your boarding pass, id and passport. You should be aware of your boarding group and zone number; the gate agents will call the boarding number later.

Make your Baggage recognizable

In order to make your flight and journey hassle-free, wrap a colored ribbon or some kind of belt around your luggage to make it identifiable among the bundle of bags. In this way, it will save your time at baggage reclaim. Keep your luggage tags with you.

Be Travel Insured 

Travel insurance is an important key to make your journey safer, especially if you are on a longer trip. It usually covers travel disruptions such as personal liability, medical expenses, as well as stolen or lost baggage. Different insurance companies offer different covers that you can add or omit as per your choice.

Exchange currency in advance

It is always a good idea to exchange your money with a reputed currency exchange before a day or two of your flight because currency exchange companies at airport usually give terrible rates. Some cash must be in your hand in case of any emergency, plus sometimes taxi drivers only deal in cash. 

Invest in a Travel Pillow

It is always a good idea to have a travel pillow while on a long flight to sleep peacefully. While in another case, your neck will be stiffed for a couple of days. So invest in a travel pillow and thank us later…!

Stay Hydrated

Always keep yourself hydrated, as flying and being at some high altitudes can make you dehydrated. So always have a reusable water bottle with you. No one can go through security with any liquids. So after being done with security, find a water dispenser to refill your bottle. Take a small sip throughout your journey.

Similarly, a good moisturizer and a lip balm is also a must have…!

Put on Comfortable clothes and shoes

It is suggested to wear comfy clothes for all who are travelling, and specifically those who are flying for the first time. Sitting on a plane for hours with an uncomfortable attire can be nightmare, so always wear unrestrictive clothes.

Similarly, wear comfortable shoes that can be easily removed while having security procedures.

Bring Your Own Snacks

It’s a useful tip for the first time flyers to bring some back –pack food, because it’s a possibility that you may not like the food that is being served during flight. Similarly, from a couple of years due to Covid -19 some flights have stopped serving food, so always go with the plan B and have some snacks with you. 

(Note: If you are going on an international flight then keep in mind that some fresh fruits and food aren’t allowed in that specific country, might be they just throw it out during security procedures). 

Keep some in-flight Accessories

It is always a good idea to go on a flight with some necessary accessories like ear plugs, jacket, Face mask and blanket to make your journey comfortable.

Pack some entertainment stuff 

If your travelling for long hours, then it is suggested to keep some entertainment stuff like downloaded Netflix seasons, movies or audio books avoid boredom. Also, Don’t rely on flight Wi-Fi as sometimes it can be quite disappointing.

Keep your phone on Airplane Mode

Another useful tip for the first time flyer is to keep your phone on airplane mode, usually the flight crew make announcements before takeoff, so follow the safety instructions carefully. Airplane mode helps to save your phone’s battery life which is a great thing…!

Is Flying for the first time is terrifying???

Anxiety before flying is quite ok and normal. You are not the first one who is going through this process, in many cases, people take it as an adventure, while on the other hand, few consider it neck-wrecking experience even after 10-15 times of experience.

It’s just a game of Emotions…!!!

Keep Calm &

Have a Safe Travel…!