A land of Pyramids

Egypt is a land of pyramids, mysterious temples, amazing beaches, magnificent sand dunes, gleaming deserts and archeological museums that contain well-known and splendid history of Arab countries and of course pharaohs. Cairo and Luxor are its famous cities to explore.

It is located in the North, eastern corner of Africa and South-Western Asia. The climate of the country is dry and warmer, but not like Qatar and United Arab Emirates where summers are hard to handle.

Currently, it is considered most budget friendly country to visit in Asia. From transport to hotel stay and food, everything is under controlled budget of the tourist. The taste of the food is too good as they don’t use too much spices like other Arabian countries. (especially if you are travelling with kids).

Several languages are spoken in Egypt, but official language is Egyptian Arabic which is also known as Masry.

Best Time to travel Egypt

As you know that Egypt is a desert, so definitely summer season is always hot and humid. According to travelers October to April is a best time to visit the country. December and January are usually cool so it is considered peak time of the year, which makes the country jam packed with tourists, so you may see long queues in front of iconic sites such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Temples of Luxor. However, if you are a fan of scuba diving, then June to September is a best time to visit Red sea beach resorts.

Best Things to-do in Egypt

If you are planning to visit Egypt in 2023, then following are the best things to-do;

Visit to Giza Pyramids

The pyramids of Giza are also known as Pyramids of Khufu or pyramids of Cheops which is considered to be the oldest of the three pyramids on the Giza plateaus. It is the only ancient wonder of the world that remain largely intact. While your visit to pyramids, you can go inside the pyramids, enjoy the camel ride, visit the solar boat Museum and don’t forget to click with sphinx.

Learn about history at the Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian museum is located in Tahrir square in Cairo next to Pyramids of Giza. It contains a great collection of Egyptian relics, which includes a large amount of statues, amazing jewelry, the royal mummies room, the Caskets of Tutankhamun and much more. So if you are a history enthusiast then Museum is a best place to go…!

Cruise on Nile River

Cairo is a capital of Egypt which is located on Nile River, due to its historical background it is also considered the main land mark of the country. Drifting on the Nile River is one of the amazing experiences.  so, the best option is to travel the Nile River is by cruise, that will give you a complete view of the city.

Red Sea-A perfect holiday spot

If you feel bored by the ancient sites, then Red sea is an incredible, economical and the most fun place for its visitors. It is just a bus away from Luxor and definitely a heaven for water babies, as it offers scuba diving and other sports activities. It is one of the best bucket list destination for tourists. Especially, if you are visiting Egypt in summers, then it’s a must visit place to- go.

Visit to Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is the second most visited place near Luxor-Egypt. It served as a main place of worship for ancient Thebans of Egypt. Walking around the whole complex while seeing an amazing collection of shrines and sanctuaries dedicated to Thebans are probably the best thing to-do here.

Visit to Alexandria

Alexandria is another famous tourist destination and second largest city in Egypt.  A tourist can do a lot of activities which include, viewing unique jewelry at the Royal Jewelry Museum, wandering around the Corniche waterfront, visiting the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and exploring the Citadel of Qaitbay.

Refresh yourself at Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el sheikh is one of the popular beach resort, it is a best place to refresh yourself while on a trip to Egypt. Other activities include Scuba diving, shop at Sharm old market and visit at Ras Muhammad National park.

Tips Before visiting Egypt

  • Egypt has been struggling over safety issue for many years, however things are in control now, but it’s better to avoid crowded places
  • Egypt is a bit conservative country, so make sure to wear modest clothes.
  • If you are visiting in January or cooler months then wear long warm clothes, as evenings are bit chillier there.
  •  In summers, try to wear head scarves to protect yourself from heat.
  • Always get a travel insurance before your visit