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“Essentials to pack while traveling to abroad”

Before going on any trip, one question pops into your head..What should I take and avoid while packing???

Whether it’s your first trip or you are a travel enthusiast, it’s always helpful to have a list of the travel items you want to pack for your vacations. The ultimate goal is to have everything necessary without over packing.

Smart packing is more than just stuffing items into your rolling suitcase or carry-on backpack. It’s about understanding what you truly need for your journey and finding ways to pack light to avoid unnecessary baggage fees.

 So let’s dive into the carry-on packing list…!

Essential Travel Clothing 

Whether you’re planning an international trip, a mini vacation, or even a long-term round the world adventure. Selecting versatile clothing is an art of packing light for a trip. A person should choose such clothes that can be worn easily for different situations. According to experienced travelers t-shirts, jeans, simple dresses and jackets (max 2) can be combined with each other to make it a great outfit for a day. Similarly, accessories such as scarves or jewelry pieces can easily be used with plain shirts whereas hats/belts add versatility further.

Your selection of footwear can make your tour heaven and even hell too. An ideal plan here would be selecting a couple of footwear according to the kind of trip you’ll be doing and of course the destination’s weather e.g. if you are traveling to a tropical place, a pair of walking shoes and one of sandals will be enough. Always wear the heaviest one and pack the lighter on your carry-on.


These few items will help you to look and feel best on the trip.

Here’s what we bring along with us on every trip!

  • Deodorant

The one must -have travel essential is deodorant to stay cool and fresh during a long hour flight and even on your tour days. Similarly instead of heavy perfume 

Bottles, containers can be carried in your hygiene bag.

  • Hair products 

Nowadays Dry shampoos are a great option for hair cleanliness, microfiber hair towels, lightweight gels, mini hair straightener / blow dry can be carried. Similarly you can get combs/cotton buds during your stay in the hotel room.

  • Skin care

Sunscreen is a main skin care product for both male/female. Mineral sunscreens are environmentally friendly and harmless. Tinted sunscreens are also available that can be used as foundation. 

Moisturizers are essentials as it keeps your skin hydrated in cold weather and also keeps them away from skin breakout.

There is no need to add a full fledged makeup kit in your travel bag. Mascara, tint and liquid lipstick are enough.

Similarly, shaving kits and extra razors must be in your luggage before going on a tour.


First Aid Kit

First Aid kit should be included in your travel bag to deal with the minor injuries and ailments (cold and fever), pain relievers such as ibuproFen, anti-diarrhea and muscle spasm relievers. The basic items such as Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes/cream, tweezers, medical tape and gauze pads usually help with cuts, scrapes or blisters which are common while traveling. However, there are special precautions necessary when packing medicines for air travel.

Currency and Documents

The first and foremost travel essential is documents which includes Passport, National ID, money, Debit and ATM cards.            

  •  Keep in mind the date and expiry of the passport
  •  Read all about visa requirements before leaving for trip
  •  Make hard and online copies of the documents to avoid any inconvenience
  •  Pack your credit or debit cards for withdrawing foreign cash from ATMs
  •  Ty to get a card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees so you can save money while traveling.


Water is an important item that can’t be miss.Thermal water bottle is a good option which keeps your drink hot and cold for a long time. Go for a leak-proof light-weight bottle.


Snow and rain can happen anytime. If you are not willing to carry a huge umbrella, go for a lightweight multi-fold one. Similarly, keep a rain coat too.

Power Bank

Your phones are always in action, from clicking pictures and making videos to playing music, from showing you the way with its torch light to navigating your way with the google map. With a power charger, you can freely use the phone without having to worry about its battery.

Insect/Bug repellant

 Don’t forget to carry a small tube of mosquito or insect repellent to protect your skin and body from bites and rashes.


As we all know, torches are a part of mobile phones these days, but for protection and other purposes it is essential to carry flashlights and spare batteries.

Baby or kids Essentials

If you are traveling with kids, it is suggested to keep extra diapers and formula milk with your luggage, normally these kids essentials are available everywhere but prices and sizes may vary. Similarly, kids usually have a fixed diet or can get fussy about food. So, carry baby food or snacks so that you may feed your li’l ones on time.

Travel pillow, Eye mask and Ear plugs

Always remember to keep your travel pillow, Eye mask and Ear plugs with you for a comfortable journey.

Travel essentials for Safety

The easiest way to keep your belongings safe is to keep them hidden and close to you.

Following are the things to keep while traveling:

  • Money belt
  • Luggage travel lock 
  • Leg wallet                   

Travel Insurance

Lastly but most importantly, don’t forget about travel insurance as it saves you and your luggage from being stolen, lost and many other mishaps. (Such as health).

HMN Holidays are making travel easier for its customers.

Let’s pack your bags and get ready for the trip of a lifetime with the best holiday packages. 

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