A city where East meets West

Hong Kong is a city that lives on a motto “East meets west”, as it’s a mixture of both eastern & western in terms of culture, infrastructure, food, shopping and much more. It is one of the busiest financial hub of the world and specifically Asia.  After visiting this place, nobody can believe that it’s a country that was kept under a British colonialism for decades and after independence how it grows itself as a modern, iconic and successful country and name itself as the world’s third biggest international financial center.

Hong Kong is located in the Southern part of China which is comprised of 260 islands. The city consists of a half- island Kowloon as well as several islands. It’s   an independent state in all matters except military and foreign Affairs. It is a home of 7 million people, most of them are Chinese while few have other ethnic history.

English and Chinese both are an official languages of the country. However, people of Hong Kong speak Chinese as their native language, only few locals speak English. But for tourists’ navigation boards have been displayed in both languages.

(So Don’t Worry Be Happy …)

Best time to visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not just a tropical country it has four seasons, Summers are crazily hot and winters are super cold. However, the best time to visit the country is from March to early June and September to November. So always make sure what season are you choosing for your holidays?

A place to be in love at First Sight…!

According to those, who visited the city, call it “a place to be in love at first sight” from sky scrapping buildings to most serene spots, it creates a special space in every heart.

If you are planning to visit the city in 2023, then following are the most incredible tourist points to see and interesting activities to-do.


Hong Kong offers many exciting skylines in the world, which is a best thing to-do in your trip. Famous viewpoints include; Sky 100 Observation Deck at the 100th floor of International Commerce Centre building in Kowloon, Sky Terrace 428 at The Peak and Lantau peak.

A day at Hong Kong Disneyland

If you are travelling with the kids and family, then Hong Kong Disney land is a best spot for all, it’s a place where you can indulge in your favorite iconic Disney characters and enjoy on indoor rollercoasters rides and much more. It opens daily from 10 am to 8pm. Its standard tickets start from HKG $639 for one person.

Pay a visit to Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha is considered to be the world’s largest Buddha, its structure is 34 meters in height and sits on top of a 3 level base platform. It shows a harmony relationship between human and nature as well as people and religion. It has many interesting things to see including tea plantation, lotus ponds and restaurants.

Visit to iconic place Star ferry

Star ferry Hong Kong is considered to be the symbol of city. It’s a best spot to understand the city’s living history. There are two ferry crossing across the bay. The most well-known route is from central ferry pier to Kowloon. The ferry fare starts from HK $2.70.

Enjoy around Picturesque Lamma Island

Lamma island is a third largest island of Hong Kong, its waterfront restaurants offer the most affordable and yummy seafood to its visitors. You can enjoy the scenic views by riding a bike and cycle. (they are available on rent)

Shop till you drop at Stanley Market

It’s an amazing seaside souvenir market. Stanley is also a home to Murray house, which is an oldest building in the city. You can shop and eat according to your choice in an economical way. Similarly, St. Stephens beach, which is one of the beautiful beach of Hong Kong is a must visit place.

Enjoy the view of symphony of lights

Witness the symphony of lights at the world’s largest permanent light and sound show, is definitely the amazing thing to do in Hong Kong. The light show with synchronized sound leaves a mesmerizing effect on the viewers. The show starts every day at 8 pm.

Learn about History at Hong Kong Museum

The best way to know about the history of any city, its people and culture is through Museum. Hong Kong museum is a huge place to learn about the compound history of the city with the display of archeology & ethnography.

These are the never missing activities for a tourist of Hong Kong.

Things You should know before visiting Hong Kong

  • Plan your tour according to its weather, as the country has four seasons, it’s not just a tropical island.
  • People speak Cantonese a dialect language.
  • Transportation is superb economical and cheap. You can go from trams, buses, mini buses, ferries as it’s a least car-dependent city.
  • The city is known for night life, so you can even go for shopping late night
  • If you are walking anywhere like on escalator or even on road, always stand on right and let the left space for passerby’s, otherwise the locals get annoyed in case of block walkways.
  • Wear Comfortable shoes
  • Keep umbrella and rain jackets during rainy season
  • Be travel insured before visiting

Have a safe Journey…!!!