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Important things to do when you arrive in Canada as a new comer in 2024

Embarking on your journey to Canada in 2024 is not merely a change in location; it marks the beginning of a transformative adventure. Picture yourself surrounded by diverse landscapes and cultures as you enter a nation experiencing higher immigration levels than ever before. The upcoming year holds promise for those seeking permanent residency, with enhanced targets in various categories, emphasizing a skills-based selection process. If you’re curious about the particulars of entering a new country with challenges, we have you covered. Your journey towards transformation is now ready to unfold. Let’s turn your dream of becoming a permanent resident in Canada into a tangible reality.

Get to know about Canada’s Immigration System:

The first and foremost thing for newcomers is to get to know about Canada’s immigration system. The relevant authorities offer extensive support, providing detailed information and assistance throughout the immigration processes. From visa applications to exploring diverse programs tailored for newcomers, their expert guidance ensures a seamless transition into your new life in Canada.

Grab Health insurance:

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for public health insurance. However, each province and territory has its own terms and plan. It’s important to research the specific coverage provided by the provincial plan of the province you intend to settle in. Note that some provinces may require new residents to wait up to three months before receiving government health insurance, during which private insurance can be purchased. Additionally, private insurance can cover services not included in the public plan. Some Canadian employers may offer extended health insurance for their employees. For international students, obtaining health insurance before arriving in Canada is crucial, as they do not have access to the public health system according to their rules.

Connect with your valuable community

A fear of the unknown is always there. Relocating to an unfamiliar location can arouse anxiety, particularly when you lack links and associations in your new community. Developing new friendships not only promotes a sense of belonging but also expands your professional connections as well as aiding in job prospects in Canada. Immigrant-serving organizations facilitate connections among newcomers, fostering a supportive environment. Engaging in volunteer opportunities at local community centers, schools, or charities presents avenues to immerse yourself and build relationships. Exploring activities aligned with your interests is key to connecting with like-minded individuals.

Learn English/French for lifting communication Barrier

Having good command of your language is crucial for continuous integration into Canadian society. Fluency in both English and French, the official languages, is instrumental in unlocking doors to employment prospects and adopting meaningful social connections.

Indulge in Canadian Culture, History, and natural wonders:

Immerse yourself in Canada’s rich cultural heritage by exploring its history and traditions. Museums, art galleries, and cultural festivals offer a window into the diverse tapestry of Canada’s identity, showcasing the stories of native peoples, early settlers, and vibrant multicultural communities. Embark on a journey through Canada’s awe-inspiring natural wonders, ranging from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the breathtaking Niagara Falls. Take the opportunity to explore the national parks, hike along scenic trails, and navigate picturesque drives. Canada’s vast landscapes are a playground for nature enthusiasts that are inviting you to witness the beauty of its diverse and stunning sceneries.

Get your Social insurance Number:

A nine-digit Social Insurance Number (SIN) is mandatory for employment in Canada, regardless of whether you’re a permanent resident or a temporary worker. It is also essential for accessing government programs and benefits. Applying for a SIN can be done by mail or in person at a Service Canada office. To prove your identity and status, such as being a permanent resident or a temporary worker, you must submit an original primary document, like a permanent resident card or confirmation of permanent residence.

International students permitted to work in Canada must obtain a SIN upon arrival. The application process involves submitting copies of your study permit and work permit.

Develop an understanding with Canadian Work Culture:

Explore the shades of Canadian work culture and employment standards while applying for the job. Get help from community friends and gain valuable insights into effective job search strategies, crafting compelling resumes, improving interview skills, and mastering workplace etiquette. Benefit from their expertise to align your skills and qualifications with employment opportunities in Canada.


Securing immediate housing upon your arrival in Canada is essential. Lessen your stress by pre-booking temporary accommodations like hotels or hostels online. As you plan for a more permanent residence, explore diverse options based on your needs, budget, and preferred location. International students might consider shared bedrooms, while families can explore furnished apartments or houses with inclusive utilities.

Facebook Marketplace also connects you directly with property owners or rental agencies.

However, renting online presents advantages, offering a broad range of nearby options, but it comes with potential pitfalls like rental fraud or suboptimal conditions. Exercise caution; visit the place or opt for a video call before committing. Refrain from sharing personal details or making payments until you’ve confirmed the trustworthiness of the person or agency. Prioritize your safety first throughout the entire rental process.

Open a Bank account in Canadian Bank:

Open an account in a Canadian bank as soon as you settle there. In Canada, it’s possible to open a personal bank account without employment, a permanent address, initial funds, a favorable credit rating, or even after bankruptcy. Simply visit a bank in person, present valid identification, and the teller will guide you. Numerous banks offer tailored services for newcomers to Canada.

Indulge yourself in winter activities:

No wonder, Canada has a wintry vibe throughout the year. Instead of being gloomy, indulge yourself in winter activities such as ice skating, skiing, snowboarding and much more. Take part in winter festivals to fully enjoy its essence.


Being a newcomer in Canada, you have the chance to build a rewarding and successful life in this diverse and hospitable country. With the personal will and the community help services navigating immigration challenges become easier, that allows you to fully embrace the opportunities that Canada presents. Welcome to your new home with endless opportunities. 



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