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The Pink beach in Komodo Island is located in Indonesia, which is basically a part of Komodo National Park. Geographically, the island is in East Indonesia with the nearby main town of Labuan Bajo in Flores.

There are only few pink beaches that exists on the earth and the pink beach of Komodo island is one of them. The beach gives a gorgeous view of Pink sand along with Turquoise water between the lush green hills, which ultimately makes it a sight to behold and one of the world’s unique natural wonder.

How to Visit Komodo Island Pink Beach?

Firstly, you need to reach the main town of Labuan Bajo in Flores through a flight from the main airports around Indonesia including Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, Makassar and Surabaya.

The beach is sited on an island, therefore Boat from Labuan Bajo is the only way to get here. After landing safely, the boat trip will approximately take 2-3 hours from Labuan to Komodo.

In another case, you can book your trip through any tour agency in Bajo town. It is worth mentioning that island tour packages can be vary in terms of time, budget and interests.

Why Pink Beach got to be So pink?

A word Pink Beach fascinates every reader and goer, because of its pink- colored sand and make them wonder, how it’s that much pink?

Scientifically, a beach develops it color from a microscopic animal known as Foraminifera (a little creature) that produces red pigment on the coral reefs around the beach.

For that reason, pink sand is a mixture of shells, corals and calcium carbonate, which eventually marks it a pretty pink one.

Best Time to visit Pink Beach 

The best and ideal time to visit Pink Beach is from in between April and June. This is a time of the year when the wet season has just finished and scorching summers has not yet to come. Similarly, due to heavy rain fall, the tours in January and February would be cancelled. So always plan your tour according to the rain schedule.

What to expect at Pink Beach?

Keep in mind that, there are two pink beaches around the island one is located in Komodo island while the other one is in Padar Island.

The sand of the beach on Padar island seems brighter pink during sunny day, similarly the beach is hidden in a bay on the north side of the Padar’s island so you can find food and souvenirs stalls nearby.

While on the other hand, the pink beach on komodo island is surrounded by lush green hills and tall mountains which gives a picturesque view to its visitors and it is located with Komodo National park. However, there is no restaurant or food stalls nearby, so you have to keep your food with you.

You can’t visit both beaches at the same time. However, according to visitor’s pink beach on komodo island is worth-watch.

Fun things to-do at Pink Beach

Here are few fun- filled activities to-do at pink Beach:

Snorkeling & Swimming

Komodo island is identified as one of the top snorkel spots in the world. Its shore lines are filled with a lot of sea marines and coral reefs (hard and soft both). Similarly, you can swim out with various species of fish, rays and sea turtles. In short, it’s a heaven for water babies.

Revitalize yourself on Pink Sand

Nothing is more relaxing than lying on a beach and take a breathtaking view of sand, water and hills with their magnificent hues. If you are going with a family, then arrange a little picnic. (Don’t forget to bring your own food as no restaurants or stalls there).

A spot for Photography

If you are a nature Enthusiast and loves photography, then it’s a place to challenge yourself with the spectacular views of the nature. Don’t forget to stay till sunset to capture the magical moment between water and mountains.

Experience hiking

You can take a panoramic view of pink beach while walking on small hills surrounded by the beach as they are small and will take few minutes to walkup. While hiking you can experience deep reddish or pink tint sand color as it depends on the time of the day.

Tips for a responsible Traveler

  • Don’t leave and take anything on the island, except what you have purchased from a local supplier.
  • Keep the island clean, don’t throw any rubbish underwater 
  • Wear reef safe sunscreen.
  • Don’t create any nuisance for under water creatures
  • As it’s a natural habitat of komodo dragons, the largest living lizards, so be careful and keep a distance.
  • Live the moment or capture it

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