A spot of Beauty and Serenity

Turkey has become an eminent tourist destination among the masses in less than a decade due to its rich culture, mesmerizing sea-sides and never missing delicious cuisines from local to high-end restaurants. Although turkey is a huge holiday destination.  However, some places are never missing to be explored.

Princes’ island (Prens Adalari) is among one of the most visited and peaceful holiday destinations in Istanbul (Turkey) due to its fresh air, charming land scape and tranquility (above all). It’s a best way to explore the real spirit of turkey for both local and international tourists.  

This place is definitely a hidden treasure for nature lovers who wants to breath between lush   green lands and blue shores.


It is located in the Marmara Sea off the Asian coast of Istanbul.

It consists of Nine (9) awe-inspiring islands which are closely linked to each other. However only four are popular and inhabited while other five are prohibited for tourists to visit. 

Name of Prominent islands:

Büyükada (Big Island)

Heybeliada (Saddlebag Island)

Burgazad (fortress Island)

Kinaliada (Henna Island)   

While others are edef Adası, Yassıada, Sivriada, Kaşık Adası, and lastly Tavşan Adası.

How to get there:

The only way to reach Princes’ islands from Istanbul is through ferry service, (a sea bus know as) a fast ferries and regular ferries, both types leave from Kabatas, you can choose the ferry of your choice and get there in approximately 90-100 minutes while witnessing the view of all (9) lovely islands from a distance. 

Distance from Istanbul Airport:
51.8km (90 minutes to 120 minutes, depending upon the choice of the ferry

Attractive feature of Princes’ Island

The most attractive feature of these islands is serenity and silence due to its limited modes of transportation, Don’t forget to arrange a rental bike or horse cart as soon as you reach there. The conventional vehicles like cars, taxis, buses etc. are prohibited there in order to preserve the beauty of the spot. However, Electric vehicles have been replaced by horse carts now.

Therefore, the only noise you can hear would be the bicycle bells and horse footsteps.

People from all over the world visit the place to witness the amazing island views, interesting museums, fresh blue water, soothing beaches and scrumptious cuisines near sea side.

Best time to Visit:

Because of its beauty and tranquility, it remains crowded throughout the year for both local and international tourists, however the best time to visit the spot is from April till October. Summers (i.e. June and July) have a pleasant warm time of the year to enjoy a stroll around the beaches and streets.

Fall and Winters are considered harsh in this region, that’s why people avoid to pay visit here due to this place seems desolated mostly, so always plan your tour before winters to avoid any kind of in convenience.

Sneak peek from the History:

Unlike today, this tourist place was not that hustling bustling and favorite destination for visitors, in fact it was known as “Demon Island”. Why???

 Because during Byzantine ruling period, it was used as a place of exile for the princes of royal family, that’s why this place got its name “Princes’ island”.

Later on, during 19th century some cultured and wise people transformed this piece of land an interesting visiting place for tourists.

Never missing things to do in Princes’ Island:

As I mentioned earlier, princes’ island mainly has four famous islands. On whichever land you are, you can easily experience the following things.

It’s a place to get relax with a plenty of interesting activities. 

Visit Aya Yorgi church and Hilltop

It’s a popular sight of princes’ island and known as Aya Yorgi (Saint George) which is situated in Buyukada. It is famous to make and write wishes on a paper and drop it into boxes, according to locals, there are few special days in which, if prayers are made they are guaranteed fulfilled. 

Rent a bike and explore the mesmerizing Sights 

Princes’ islands tour is imperfect without renting a bike and adore the amazing sightseeing of the mesmerizing spot, bicycles can be easily find at bike rental places nearby.

Buyukada is considered largest island and a person can easily take a round of the place while riding a bike, same goes with other islands Hebeliada and kinaliada while buurgazad which are comparatively smaller islands.

Halki Institute of Orthodox theology

It is located in Heybelida island, it’s a high education institution for the scriptural formation of orthodox ministry. It’s a must visit place for all history lovers.

See historical places and mansions

Princes’ island is popular for historic museums and colorful mansions ,their mesmerizing  structure would make you able to forget about Istanbul’s modern architect ,so if you’re a history enthusiast then  it’s a never missing spot for you to go.

Enjoy Scrumptious Breakfast

First come first, Wakeup and eat a nice breakfast from a local cute breakfast shop nearby, that offers delicious, fresh & aromatic pastries and bagels with a cup of hot tea, no matter on which island you are.

Recall old school picnic days

The other most important activity is to go on a picnic and feel revitalized among lush green trees, while adoring the nature around you.

Seafood Experience 

Never forget to try on fish and other sea-food, it will take you another mouthwatering food experience.

Here’s a wrap-up to all basic information before visiting Princes ‘island.

Bon Voyage…!!!