A Lion city

Singapore is known as modern and well-organized city as well as tropical island country, it is usually compared with Europe, Australia, USA and Japan in terms of cleanliness and discipline. Singapore attracts the tourists from all over the world because of its state of the art architecture, top notch restaurants, Scrumptious cuisines, Luxurious hotels, World –class shopping malls, well-maintained parks and much more.

Although, Singapore is an exciting & favorite tourist spot, but sometimes it is considered expensive in terms of budget as compare to other south Asian countries;)

However, if you really want to see a different side of Asia, then in that case Singapore is a worthy place to travel…

Origin of country’s Name

Singapore is recognized with its landmark of ‘Marlion “. A fantasy creature which is a combination of lion and fish, the word Singapore is derived from a Sanskrit word Sinagapora which means Lion, while in Marlion’s figure, fish represents thefishing occupation of the country

Singapore is also known as “Instant Asia” because it gives the tourist aquick preview of Asian culture that nomads brought while migration.

English is an official language of the country. Therefore, tourists don’t feel any kind of communication barrier while paying visit.

Malay, Chinese, Singlish and Tamil are also spoken here.

Never missing things to do in Singapore

If you are visiting Singapore, then there are a lot of places with activities to do…!

So Let’s Go…!

Adore the lush green views at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens is a first UNESCO World Heritage site of Singapore. This place is a best start of anybody’s tour. You can easily reach there, if you are in downtown, while in other case, travel guides can easily help you to get there, as it’s a main tourist attraction of the country. It consists of:

  • Bandstand Garden
  • Bonsai Garden (A classic representation of Japanese Horticulture)
  • Sun Garden (It contains a huge collection of Arid plants and specifically cactus)
  • National Orchid Garden (If you have limited time in Singapore then this gardenis enough to see lush green beauty of this place)
  • The Swan Lake

Be a Water Baby at Sentosa Island

Sentosa is a must visit place in Singapore due to its white sand beaches and luxurious resorts, where u can find water sports, Fine dining restaurants, exquisite hotels and even spas to relax.

However, if you are not a water fan, then in that case, it offers many other activities like The Palawan Theater and The Butterfly Park and the insect kingdom to adore.

Have an Adventure & fun at Universal Studios Singapore

If you are an adventurer and want thrill, then it’s a most attractive place for you, as it offers many exciting rides such as ‘Sci –fi city’ alargerroller coaster that gives you goose bumps. But if you want some more dark experience then “Ancient Egypt “houses and the revenge of Mummy ride can satisfy your adventure craving.

Have Fun at Marina Bay sands

It’s another most heard tourist spot, but it is definitely for those who have pockets full of money to spend, it’s a single place for retail therapy, to have food from exquisite restaurants and have a view from The Sky Park Observatory at Luxury Marina Bay hotel which is certainly the most iconic tourist attraction in Singapore. It is a best place to take the breathtaking view of the Lion city.

Merlion Park

As we all know that Merlion statue is a landmark and national identity of Singapore just like a Statue of Liberty in America. It is considered to be another important tourist attraction of the country. This half- lion and half- fish statue is standing in the middle of the small park, from where you can enjoy the view of downtown Singapore and it’s an easy location to see various things in the city.

Gardens by the bay

It is always considered top attraction for anyone who visits Singapore. Gardens by the bay is actually a combination of both nature and modern technology where you can see plants, amazing waterfall and giant glass greenhouse in a modern way. It’s a best place for the people of all ages from kids to adults, everyone enjoys futuristic piece of art.

Don’t miss the view of

  • The Super trees
  • Clouds forest
  • Flower Dome

Once you enter the garden, you may be forcefully dragged out of this fantasyland.

Indulge yourself in Chinese culture at China Town

If you really want to see china closely from your eye, then China town in Singapore is a best place to visit. It’s a mixture of old and new Chinese culture which includes traditional markets, old temples, old –style shops and tea houses. Its main attractions include:

  • China Town Heritage Centre
  • China town’s street market
  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Experience Night Safari

Night safari is probably the most interesting and thrilling place for tourists, which is the world’s first park for nocturnal animals. People visit the park on complimentary trams and observe the animals in moonlight which is the only source of light there. On weekends, you can get the chance to see live feeding tigers.

Visit Jewel Changi Airport

Technically, it seems strange to recommend people to hangout in an airport, but Jewel Changi Airport is definitely an amazing place for tourists. According to visitors, for all those who are planning to visit Singapore in 2023, this must be in their go list. This transportation hub includes nature -theme based dining, shopping, an indoor water-fall and much more for its visitors.

These are super attractive spots for all those who are planning to visit Singapore in 2023.

So consider it and thanks me later. 😉

However, there are much more to see in lion city.

Fun Facts About Singapore…!

  • Singapore is a country where selling and purchasing of a chewing gum is banned and one can only bring it to the country with a verified prescription from a doctor.
  • Singapore is considered to be a safest country in the world due to its low crime ratio.
  • The official language of Singapore is English but its residents also speaks Singlish (they normally add exclamation’s like ‘lah ‘and ‘leh’ to their sentences).
  • It’s a land of man-made water falls.
  • Singapore is among one of the three surviving city-states in the world.
  • Singapore is known as lion city but according to its history, lions didn’t exist in this land… (even lions were brought from somewhere for their zoo): D Hilarious…!

Tips to go before Singapore

  • The best time to visit Singapore is from December to June
  • Pack according to weather
  • Eat like locals
  • Get travel insurance
  • Get to garden by the bay early

Bon Voyage…!