The highly anticipated football tournament of 2022 is going to be held in Qatar which is first time ever in the history of Middle east from November 21 to December 18, between 32 teams in eight (8) groups.

All about Qatar

Qatar is a land of opportunities, attractive culture, amazing beaches, glistening sand dunes, futuristic architect and picturesque landscape. It is known by its highest production of Oil & Gas and considered to be the richest country due to its highest income per capita in the world.

It is an independent state of middle east which is located on eastern coast of The Arabian Peninsula.

Qatar is an extremely busy transit that connects a range of destinations around the world. Doha is a capital of Qatar and Hammad International Airport has become the global gateway for overseas.

Fifa World Cup 2022

Qatar World cup is going to be most thrilling tournament of the history due to its most attractive and state of the art stadiums, which have been constructed closely to each other, so that fans can easily enjoy the two matches (morning &evening) and cheer their favorite teams in a single day, they are just an hour far away to each other, where they can reach through cars, metros and trams and even water taxis.

From budget friendly to deluxe accommodations, everything would be available among match venues in order to make it life time experience for the visitors of Qatar.

Preparations of the tournament…!

In 2010, Qatar was given the opportunity to host this mega event, therefore they embraced this honor and started planning and operations from infrastructure to possible hurdles to deliver a remarkable, safest, hospitable & historic event to the world.

After tournament, the stadiums would be converted into the hubs of community life.

Security of Event

Qatar is prominent destination due to its safety and low crime ratio. This time Pakistani army comprised of army officers, junior commissioned officers along with troops will fulfill the security responsibilities with Qatari government and military forces to make this most awaited event memorable and secure. Earlier in September, a team of eight persons from FIFA visited Pakistan and provide security training to the troops visiting Qatar.

World Cup Match Ball

 FIFA has announced official ball name “Al Rihla”. After couple of times, once again Pakistan has participated as a manufacturer of official Match ball by Adidas. which is a proudest moment for our nation. The design of the ball is a depiction of Qatari Culture.


Qatar has hot weather condition with dry heat and its winter considered to be balmy and delightful, Therefore, football governing bodies has shifted tournament from summer to winters, considering the weather condition World Cup stadiums have been designed with cooling technology with the collaboration of Qatar University, that will keep the players and fans cool

Stadiums of FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

Qataris usually play their traditional sports such as fishing, camel and horse racing as well as tennis and golf. However, the country is particularly fervent about football. This year country will add another feather in their cap while hosting middle –east’s first ever football tournament

The game will be played in Eight (8) superlative and well -planned stadiums. Geographically, Qatar has hot weather condition, however stadiums have been designed to combat against the scorching heat of the region.

List of the stadiums is given below for more information you can visit. \

AL Bayt Stadium

  • It’s an Opening Match Host of tournament
  • It has a capacity of 60,000 guests
  • 5x Group Matches (incl. Opening Match)
    1x Round of 16
    1x Quarter-Final
    1x Semi-Final
  • Al Khor City,35 km north of central Doha

Lu Sail Stadium

  • Host of Final match of the tournament
  • Space for 80,000 guests
  • 5x Group Matches
    1x Round of 16
    1x Quarter-Final
    1x Semi-Final
  • Lusail City, 20km north of central Doha

Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium

  • Located in desert
  • Designed for 40,000 guests
  • 5x Group Matches
    1x Round of 16
  • Umm Al Afaei, 20km west of central Doha

Al Janoub Stadium

  • Capacity of 40,000 guests
  • 5x Group Matches
    1x Round of 16
  • Al Wakrah, 22km east of central Doha

Althumama Stadium

  • will entertain 40,000 guests
  • 5x Group Matches
    1x Round of 16
    1x Quarter-Final
  • Al Thumama, 12km south of central Doha

Eduaction city Stadium

  • Have 40,000 seats for guests
  • 5x Group Matches
    1x Round of 16
    1x Quarter-Final
  • Al Rayyan, 13km north-west of central Doha

Khalifa International stadium

  • Have capacity of 40,000 guests
  • 5x Group Matches
    1x Round of 16
    Match for Third Place
  • Aspire, 5km west of central Doha

Stadium 974

  • Capacity of 40,000 guests
  • 5x Group Matches
    1x Round of 16
  • Ras Abu Aboud, 10km east of central Doha

Requirements before visiting Qatar

Fifa World Cup 2022 is never missing event; it doesn’t happen every year, so if you are applying for Qatar then,

Check your passport and travel documents before visiting Qatar.

  • Buy Your Ticket, Last minute sale phase is open till December 18,2022.

Purchase ticket only from official ticket providers, any ticket purchased from unofficial way would not be acceptable.

Book your ticket here…

  • Arrange your accommodation and if you’re staying at your friend or relative then they need to register as your Host.
  • Grab a Haya Card

Haya Card

Haya card is also known as fan ID card, which is mandatory for entry permit in Qatar, access to stadium and to avail free bus and metro services all over the tournament.

Apply for your Digital Haya card here

It will apply to all those who are visiting Qatar from November 1st,2022 and will be valid till 23 January 2023


You are planning to visit Fifa world cup 2022


You are not intended to be a part of the Tournament.

Restrictions to follow

Qatar is an Islamic State and it is important to be aware of its rule and laws.

  • Don’t get involved in Drugs as it leads to severe penalties
  • If medicine is prescribed by a doctor, then go along with following prescription to avoid any inconvenience
  • Alcohol is prohibited, however for international visitors it would be available only on licensed places.
  • Haya card will provide access to public transport, however if you are planning private car tour then keep in mind the traffic, as roads would be busy during tournament.
  • Its recommended to dress modestly during your visit to Qatar.

So all the details end up here.

 Hope you are well informed now.

Bon Voyage…!!!

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