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“Museum of the Future”

An impressive Tourist Spot

If you are curious, how will the world look in 2071? This Avant Garde project is definitely A Must Go place 😉

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Dubai is the world’s popular travel destination, every time this land of luxuries has something new and innovative for its visitors. Therefore, people return to this impressive city over and over again.

Although the city has a large number of museums and galleries for curious minds, this piece of art has innovative future aspects.

Museum of the Future was opened on 22nd February 2022, it’s not just an ordinary place to visit and see the paintings hung on the walls and sculptures to adore.

Motto of the Museum

The motto of the museum is named ‘See the future, create the future’, as it allows the visitors to view and interact with a variety of displays featuring existing cutting-edge technology and scientific ideas. It is believed that the Museum of the Future will bring light to the future of robotics, technology and artificial intelligence in daily lives. It’s not only a show and tell place. It is a platform of education and discovery as it regularly host a series of talks and events where innovators, scientists, and popular figures from leading industries share their vision of the future which is a very thought-provoking concept and truly serve as a platform for scientists, innovators and creators to share their knowledge and expertise on issues like social and economic aspects with the aim of helping mankind.

Structure of the building

The glass-walled building of the museum was designed by Killa Design, a local architecture firm.The building is considered as one of the world’s most complex and representative structures. It symbolizes humanity; the mold it stands on represents the Earth, and the void in the middle represents the unknown future that holds endless innovative ideas.

Did you know?

  • The remarkable oval shaped building with Arabic Calligraphy is designed by well-known Emirati artist Mattar bin Lahej
  • It is amazing to know that these Arabic words are actually from the poems by HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  • Few parts of the buildings were built by the robots and computer operated machinery.
  • The museum’s’ design theme is inspired by the Feng Shui concept
  • It has been considered one of the most difficult but the trendiest projects ever taken.
  • Most advanced 3D techniques had been used for the construction of this structure.
  • National Geographic magazine has declared it among the world’s 14 most beautiful museums.
  • The floors of the museum are the only horizontal spaces in the structure.

Museum of the Future Timings

The museum is open daily from 10:00 am. To 18:00 pm with the last entry at 17:00 pm.

Museum of the Future Location

It overlooks Sheik Zayed Road and is right adjacent to the Jumeirah Emirates Tower.


Sheikh Zayed Road – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 2 – Dubai.

About tickets?

Museum of the Future tickets price for visitors above three years is AED 145. However, entry is free for kids under three years and people of determination.

How to get there?

With its great location in the heart of the city, the museum is easily accessible via metro, cab and bus. If you’re taking the metro, the nearest metro station is Emirates Tower Station (Red Line). There is a dedicated walkway that connects to the museum.

What’s inside the Museum of the future?

Once you enter the museum, you get lost in the science and technology of the future, it would not be wrong to say that this museum is like a Time Machine, through which you would be able to know about scientific life in the year 2071.

The Museum of the Future journey starts at Level 5 down to Level 1.

Level 5 - OSS Hope

Let’s begin your journey to 2071 on OSS Hope. This Orbital Space Station experience starts with a space shuttle shooting off to “space.”  It even has a launch countdown and presents video clips of what future Dubai would look like through the shuttle’s windows. 

Once you’ve reached OSS Hope, you’ll enter the station’s command center and act like a real-life astronaut—exploring missions, monitoring projects, and studying innovations inside the station. You can have a magnificent view of Planet Earth from outside.

Level 4 - The Heal Institute

Our plane takes center stage at The Heal Institute. Inside this level, there are two displays: The Vault of Life 

 Digital Amazon

At the Vault of Life, there is a DNA library where you can have access to the thousands of species. A visitor would be able to grab some species and run them through a device to see how these would help in repairing our ecosystem. You might even discover new species while you’re there.

 The Museum of the Future makes that possible using mixed reality! The dense forest is recreated inside Digital Amazon, so you can observe the vast biodiversity without the fear of running into wild animals that call it home.

Level 3 - Al Waha (The Oasis)

A safe space built to promote relaxation and wellness, Al Waha is the futuristic version of a spa. It’s a Pink colored facility that uses light, color, and sound therapy. Once you pass through the arched entranceway, you’ll arrive at what seems like their lobby, where you can walk on the carpeted floor that creates the illusion of waves when you step on it.

Level 2-Tomorrow Today

The second level in this museum showcases global tech innovations that could help change our world. It has plenty of displays about robots, solar energy, future housing plans, space suits, and detection systems technology etc.

Level 1 - Future Heroes

What about kids? 

The Museum of the Future has a dedicated space for the children of Age ten (10) years old and below at the Future Heroes zone Level 1. At this place the little ones are encouraged to play freely and engage with other kids. The museum makes their experience more exciting by launching urgent missions every now and then, which kids must accomplish within a time limit!


Hence, this museum is not an ordinary place of sci-fi activities, it broadens your vision regarding the most innovative future ideas. It is recommended to put the Museum of the Future on your list of things to do in Dubai, whether you’re a fan of cutting-edge science and hi-fi technology or just interested in the city’s fascinating architectural marvels.

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